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Zoey Deutch
NAME: Zoey Deutch
BORN: November 10th 1994
HEIGHT: 5 Foot 4 inches
WORTH: $3 Million

Zoey Deutch is an actress who is most renowned for portraying Juliet Martin in The CW series Ringer. She has also played Maya Bennett on the Disney Channel television series The Suite Life on Deck, as well as Rose Hathaway in ‘Vampire Academy’, a film that was released in 2014. Her recurring role in ‘Ringer’ is perhaps her most popular to date, and to boost her credibility Zoey has also appeared in an episode of NCIS called ‘One Last Score’, and also in an episode of ‘Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior’ called ‘The Girl In The Blue Mask’. In 2013 Zoey appeared as Emily Asher in the 2013 romance ‘Beautiful Creatures’, and would subsequently star as Rosemarie Hathaway in ‘Vampire Academy’ (2014).

Deutch was born in Los Angeles, California, and was raised as an orthodox Jew. Her father is director Howard Deutch, and Zoey’s mother is the acclaimed actor Lea Thompson, comprising a talented family from which Zoey can draw inspiration for her own career.

Deutch actually shot a small scene for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, and though this can be seen on the DVD version, the section was unfortunately cut from the feature length release in favor of keeping a fight scene between Spider and Lizard in a school.

Zoey has been in a relationship with Avan Jogia since 2011.

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