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Taylor Alesia
NAME: Taylor Alesia
BORN: October 13th 1996
HEIGHT: Unknown
WORTH: Unknown

Taylor Alesia is a model who has gained considerable attention via her Instagram account, where she has become a highly influential figure who has received a huge following. This is mostly due to her incredible physique and stunning appearance, which has attracted the attention of countless viewers around the world. She has utilized social media as a platform to promote herself, and has generated a successful career independently through perseverance and dedication. Taylor’s career appears to be going from strength to strength, and with time she is likely to branch out into additional ventures as she continues to gain exposure among mainstream audiences. With social media being a huge determinant of a model’s success in today’s technological climate, Taylor is perfectly positioned for a lucrative career.

Taylor is from Scottsdale, Arizona.

Alesia has gathered a quite staggering 619k followers on Instagram to date, and at just 20 years of age her meteoric rise is impressive. She has created an opportunity to earn substantially through affiliate marketing and brand promotion, where top companies have started to pay attention to Alesia and collaborate with her.

Taylor has been romantically linked to her friend Taylor Caniff.

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