Kim Of Vanilla Sky Dreaming
NAME: Kim Of Vanilla Sky Dreaming
BORN: Unknown
NATIONALITY: Israeli / American
HEIGHT: Unknown
WORTH: Unknown

Kim Of Vanilla Sky Dreaming, is responsible for the lifestyle and travel blog 'Vanilla Sky Dreaming'. This provides a comprehensive insight into a life that is torn between various destinations and cultures within. Kim is a full time travel blogger and social media influencer, which helps her earn money through advertising and brand promotion, and allows her to provide engaging content since she can visit the more entertaining and fascinating places out there. Kim has rarely ever stayed in one place, and she has been fearless on her pursuit to visit as many destinations around the world as possible. Kim has loved every minute of her journey, and provides a combination of written content, videos and photographs that encapsulate moments from around the world. These are aimed at aspiring travelers, where Kim and her experiences are an inspiration for those who one day dream of traveling themselves.

Vanilla Sky Dreaming started in 2014 after Kim had spent years traveling the world trying to decipher her purpose in life. It has since become a dream career for her.

Kim has over 5,000 likes on Facebook, where a utilization of social media will increase your audience and help the word spread about the competency of your blog. Kim has so far swam with sharks, spent New years in Paris and washed wild elephants in India!