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Pippa O’Connor
NAME: Pippa O’Connor
BORN: Unknown
HEIGHT: Unknown
WORTH: Unknown

Pippa O'Connor is a fashion blogger who started writing as a hobby. Her lifestyle website soon gathered momentum, and has since become a point of interest for the general public. The blog gives Pippa a chance to share the fashion and beauty knowledge she has gained over the years, while providing an insight into her life. This is very helpful for those who are looking to explore fashion but need some information on how to go about creating various styles. The blog is constantly growing in popularity, and over 5 million visitors are expected this year alone. Pippa also has a strong presence on social media, which helps with her engagement and outreach. Pippa's success has enabled her to collaborate with brands, and she loves the new challenges that life throws at her in the everyday life of a successful business women.

Pippa O'Connor has had a varied career, where prior to working on her blog she was a model.

Pippa's greatest success in life is her little son Ollie, who she cherishes from the bottom of her heart. It was during pregnancy that she set up her own blog, which with persistence and hard work has become very popular.

Pippa is in a relationship with the Father of her child.

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