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Paris Roxanne
NAME: Paris Roxanne
BORN: October 11th 1990
HEIGHT: 5 Foot 10 inches
WORTH: Unknown

Paris Roxanne is a model who has grown in popularity with a strong online presence, where she is a prominent figure on social media. This has helped her gain considerable exposure for her modeling talents, and her stunning figure and incredibly good looks have helped her receive close to 374k followers on Instagram, making her a highly influential social media personality. Paris was also embroiled in a catfish scandal with Chris ‘Birdman’ Andersen, where a woman posing as her sent several racy photographs claiming she was 21, when in fact Paris was 17 at the time. She then threatened Chris by revealing the age of the woman she’d been posing as, and thus blackmailed him in an attempt to be financially remunerated. Though the plan backfired, it did bring considerable heat on Birdman in terms of bad publicity, but ironically helped Paris’ career as she gained further exposure from the news stories that were subsequently published. Paris has since experienced a meteoric rise, and is gathering momentum all the time as one of the industry’s hottest young models. She models under the pseudonym ‘Paris Dylan’, and has her own website that contains a portfolio of stunning imagery, where she sells posters and other products, and offers an exclusive members area with racy content to be enjoyed by those who are willing to pay. She has therefore successfully branched out to incorporate multiple ventures, and has created a viable career for herself by capitalizing on her stunning look for positive effect.

Paris grew up in Riverside, CA.

Paris Roxanne has worked for entertainment websites such as TheCHIVE and, and for her catfish scandal she even made an appearance on the MTV program ‘Catfish’. She loves 60’s music, and going to Comic Cons and dressing up as her favorite characters. Alongside a constant involvement with professional shoots, Paris has achieved well enough online to partner with elite brands and promote their products or services, and can earn significant revenue by doing so.


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