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Liza Koshy
NAME: Liza Koshy
BORN: March 31st 1996
HEIGHT: Unknown
WORTH: Unknown

Liza Koshy is an internet personality who rose to prominence through her involvement with Vine and YouTube, where on the first of the two platforms she has been able to gather more than 5 million followers, a feat which is testament to Liza understanding her audience and releasing relatable and entertaining videos which can be enjoyed on a multitude of levels by numerous viewers around the world. She has since expanded by growing a following on social media, and this has helped increase Liza's outreach tenfold. The introduction of Vine was a great way for Liza to channel her creative outbursts, and since they are of a light hearted enjoyable nature, she has further been able to bring enjoyment into the lives of users around the globe. Since branching out into YouTube her channel has gained an impressive 220 plus million views and gathered over 4 million subscribers, a monumental audience from which Liza can benefit substantially from advertising, brand promotion and marketing.

Liza began using Vine in high school when she and her friends downloaded the app and started to experiment with its features. Here she was studying Business Marketing.

Liza is half Indian and half Caucasian, and was born and raised in Houston, Texas.

In 2015 Liza began dating David Dobrik.

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