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Lauren Wood
NAME: Lauren Wood
BORN: March 13th 1993
HEIGHT: Unknown
WORTH: Unknown

Lauren Wood is a model who is perhaps best known for her appearances in the MTV comedy show ‘Wild ‘N’ Out’, where she was an integral cast member in 2015 and was widely considered as one of the most popular personalities on the show. She has since grown a large social media following, where she has capitalized on the exposure she received from the show to create a successful career avenue, where she has great potential to be noticed as a top modeling prospect, or alternatively be cast for television roles. To date Lauren has amassed an impressive 540k followers on Instagram, an impressive feat in relation to the influence she has gained over multiple users, and her popular personality and stunning looks. She has capitalized on the exposure she received from her stint on MTV, but also drawn the attention of thousands of viewers due to her stunning beauty, where she utilizes the platform to practice as a model and showcase her beauty, on top of providing an insight into her everyday life, which is often intriguing for people to observe. Lauren is clearly a fitness enthusiast, and her pictures therefore serve as inspiration for those who aspire to get in shape. Lauren is living testament that with the right dedication and drive you can achieve your goals, and she is therefore the perfect advocate for fitness.

Lauren was born in Texas.

With the following Lauren has created on social media, she has potential to earn significantly from social media influencer marketing, where companies will pay substantial sums of money for Lauren to be an ambassador, or simply promote their products to a large following. Affiliate marketing has become a very effective form of advertising in recent years, especially in age where consumers spend most of their time online. Lauren has already started engaging in activity of this nature, and if her popularity inclines she will be likely to receive more offers of this nature.

She was in a relationship with NBA player Eric Moreland.

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