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Justin Bieber
NAME: Justin Bieber
BORN: March 1st 1994
HEIGHT: 5 Foot 9 inches
WORTH: $200 Million

Justin Bieber is a singer that was discovered through his YouTube channel in 2007, where he was covering songs. He signed to RBMG, and released a platinum EP in 2009 titled 'My World'. Bieber's first full length release 'My World 2.0' was a commercial hit worldwide, accompanied by lead single 'Baby', which catapulted Bieber to super-stardom. Bieber went on to embark on a world tour, later releasing a number one charting Christmas album in 2011. His next two studio albums, 'Believe' and 'Purpose', saw a transition into maturity for Bieber, and collectively earned him the honor of 100 million records sold worldwide. Justin has won various awards, and is a cult figure among his frenetic fans who are known as 'Beliebers'. Justin is one of the most powerful celebrities in the world.

Justin Bieber was born in London, Ontario, and attended the Jeanne Sauve Catholic School.

Bieber became the first artist to have seven songs from a debut record chart on the Billboard Hot 100.

Justin Bieber has essentially had his pick of the women over the years, but for now is with Sofia Riche.

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