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Hannah Stocking
NAME: Hannah Stocking
BORN: February 4th 1992
HEIGHT: 5 Foot 10 inches
WORTH: Unknown

Hannah Stocking Stocking is an internet personality who has become a prominent figure on the social media application Vine, where she releases comedic videos that have become incredibly popular, and helped her grow a considerable following who regularly revisit her account to see what she’ll release next. To date she has over 950,000 followers on the video platform, and has collaborated with other popular Viners such as Melvin Gregg, King Bach and Alx James. She has also gained popularity on Instagram as a model, where she posts provocative pictures of herself which showcase her stunning physique, appealing to a range of users on different levels. Whether people tune in for inspiration to get in shape or to admire her beauty, Hannah has become incredibly popular on the social media platform with over 2 million followers, which is testament to her marketability.

Stocking was born and raised in Ashland, Oregon, and she studied at the Ashland High School and later attended the Dominican University of California, where she graduated with a major in Biological Sciences/Chemistry.

Hannah Stocking was a keen volleyball enthusiast throughout her education.

Stocking was dating NBA Klay Thompson, but they broke up in 2015 when he accused her of infidelity.

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