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Go to the Username Submission Page to create a Snapcode. Upload a picture by clicking on the Camera Icon and use the Slider Tool to set the picture so it looks perfect. There's the option to choose a new color for Snapcode background which many users like to do (choose a light color so the code shows). It's optional to download the Snapcode but not necessary to add a User Profile. The next step is to create an account by connecting with Facebook, Linkedin or Google. After clicking and connecting, an account will be created at Best Snapchat Users. On the account page it's important to type in a 'Name' (not username), select a 'Category' and 'Subcategory', then fill out the 'About' section. To submit the Snapcode for review, click the submit button on the bottom left. If you're profile is approved, you'll get a response within 24 hours. I it's not approved you will be ask to correct your profile.
If you'd like to claim a username, please send a message to our care team who will request proof of ownership. Send a message to the care team reachable by filling out the form near the bottom of the support page:
Please report any errors or bugs in the support center. Your feedback is very important to help us improve user experience.
To delete a user profile, contact support who will do it for you. Support inquires can be created here:
Click the 'Log Out" button at the top of the page when logged in.
To login, go to the "Log In" page and connect with the method you used to sign up. Or you may type in the email you used and request a new password.
You can search by keyword, Cateogry and Subcategory. You can use all of them to filter down to specific profiles or you can you one. You may also scroll down the rows of user profiles.
We love Snapchat and we feel there's opportunity to connect highly active Snapchat users with each other. Best Snapchat Users gives users an opportunity to find like-minded people they can snap with and/or people whose stories they can follow.
To submit an inquiry, please do so here by filling out the form fields here in the support center. Once you submit a request, an agent will respond within 24 hours.
You will change a profile image by logging into your account. You will then want to click the yellow button on the right side of the account page which has a Snapchat ghost and your username. When you click the button you can replace the current Snapcode with another one. You will want to create your snapcode here "" and download a png of it to replace the current Snapcode.
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