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Alissa Violet
NAME: Alissa Violet
BORN: June 12th 1996
HEIGHT: 5 Foot 9 inches
WORTH: $.5 Million

Alissa Violet is a model who has gained considerable acclaim on social media and YouTube, where she exhibits her incredible beauty for the public’s viewing pleasure. She has also modeled professionally for various top publications around the world, with her photos appearing in adverts, magazines and online, and Next models represent her professional career. Alissa has additionally generated a self-sustaining career for herself, which has become even more potent since consumers spend most of their time online in modern culture. Alissa shares imagery of her incredible physique on Instagram, with provocative photographs that have drawn the attention of countless viewers around the world. Whether people tune in to admire her physical form or to gain inspiration to get in shape, she has established herself as a prominent figure on the platform with close to 3 million followers. As a highly influential figure with power over a large audience, she has an opportunity to promote additional ventures that are either separate (affiliate marketing) or directly linked to her career. Violet includes a combination of selfies and professional photographs, which are incredibly popular given her highly appealing demeanor. It is evident from Alissa’s photographs that she works out, and as a fitness enthusiast she is the perfect role model for people who seek motivation to get in shape, especially considering her slender physique. Alissa is living proof that achieving peak physical condition is a realistic prospect, and her online popularity appears to know no bounds as it continues to incline.

Alissa was born in Ohio, but relocated to California to pursue a career in entertainment.

Alissa Violet has established herself as a popular personality on YouTube and Vine, where she shares amusing and entertaining content for the public to digest. To date, she has earned 375,000 followers on Vine, and has utilized YouTube as a source for sharing her everyday life, with the incorporation of several blogs for people who are interesting in keeping up to date with her endeavors. Her YouTube channel has amassed an impressive 4 million total views in just over a year, and gives her fans a chance to gain an inside perspective of her life behind the scenes.


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